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Commercial Property Tax Appeals

Commercial property owners:

•  Ensure you respond to Chapter 91 income requests within 45 days of RECEIPT

•  File appeals in a timely manner – Unfortunately there are 3 potential deadlines:

  Filing Deadlines:
  • April 1 (generally applicable unless one of the exceptions below applies)
  • May 1 (applies when a town has undergone revaluation)
  • 45 days from the date of mailing of the tax assessment notice** (applies when the town is late mailing its yearly tax assessment notices. ** the language of this statute conflicts with the statute extending the deadline to May 1st, during a revaluation year.) In Mr. Standriff's opinion, the deadline for filing an appeal in any year when the town mails the tax assessment notice after March 15th would be 45 days from the date of mailing, even during a revaluation year, however the Tax Court has not ruled in such a situation.

•  Appraisals for Commercial and Income producing property are more complex than appraisals for residential properties.

Who may file the appeal?

In addition to the owner of a property, the following persons or entities may file an appeal if they meet the standard of being an "aggrieved" taxpayer under New Jersey Statute 54:3-21:

  • Tenants
  • Spouse of owner
  • Tax Sale certificate holder
  • Mortgage holder

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